• BalancingBalancing
  • Groove an anchorGroove an anchor GP 311 for screw-cutting lathe
  • The connection of coilsThe connection of the conductor coil to the collector welding
  • SCLScrew-cutting lathe with electronic measuring instruments

Reasons why you should to choose our factory

Our factory has several advantages, which allow you to make the right choice of partner to repair your machines.

  • Quality management system at our factory is fully consistent with local and international requirements: 06/1/2011. LLP "EZEM" has been certified by the state standard ST RK ISO 9001-2009 "Quality Management Systems" in the repair of electric machines. 07/07/2011 «TÜV Rheinland» has completed audit of quality management system, and issued the international certificate, which confirms that the LLP "EZEM" applies a system meeting the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008.
  • In EZEM has developed a technology of insulating materials, positively proven in heavy-duty electric traction drive vehicles, diesel and electric locomotives, the excavation results, in high-voltage electrical machines quarries.
  • Instead of old varnish polymerizable compound is used. Use of vacuum-injection setup allows to create a high vacuum.
  • Body rotation (anchors) are balanced by high-precision resonanced machine.
  • To connect the conductor to the collector used welding in an inert gas, which gives a better connection than soldering tin solder.
  • Used machines with electronic means of measurement, which avoid the "human factor" during the measurement details.
  • When repair completed all electric machines are being tested, according to the requirements for the engine type.
  • Repaired by us electric machines belong to the H class by insulation system, and are significantly longer than refurbished with commonly used to repair B and F classes of insulation.



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