• BalancingBalancing
  • Groove an anchorGroove an anchor GP 311 for screw-cutting lathe
  • The connection of coilsThe connection of the conductor coil to the collector welding
  • SCLScrew-cutting lathe with electronic measuring instruments


Insulation materials are input controled at our specialized laboratory.

Are tested at the intermediate stages of repair, parts of electrical machines. High voltage tests, according to regulations, are: brush holders (if necessary), insulated coils of electrical machines before impregnate a dielectric, assembled (stacked) in the coil anchor, or (and) the stator, to impregnate the collector to be installed on the package and after the anchor and etc. according to requirements.

Shaft electric machines are magnetic and ultrasonic inspection. Use dye penetrant to detect cracks in metal surfaces.

Trials traction electrical machines (motors and generators) under load mutual, according to the approved standard for the repair "KTZ". Medium voltage electrical machines are tested to run at the rated voltage of the network, the DC high voltage. During testing, the rotation is monitored for temperature component electrical machines.

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