• BalancingBalancing
  • Groove an anchorGroove an anchor GP 311 for screw-cutting lathe
  • The connection of coilsThe connection of the conductor coil to the collector welding
  • SCLScrew-cutting lathe with electronic measuring instruments


Repair electrical motors for industrial use in a wide range. It's about traction motors and generators diesel locomotives, electric motors, high voltage electrical machines. On electric rolling machines were developed and approved in "KTZ" repair processes.

Currently the company has two main operating divisions: 

Electric shop - specializes in repairs of electrical machines of various capacities, classes, and voltages, repair windings of electrical machines of various types, including:

  • Main generators, high voltage/hauling/excavation motors, induction motors of low voltage electric motors for general technical purposes.
  • Quality management system is controlled by QC service of company that provides best results at all stages of production - up to commissioning works at the customer.

Mechanical area - restoration of sizes, up to of drawing, semiautomatic welding in carbon dioxide environment - shafts anchors, rotors, skeletons, boards, welding of collector by tungsten electrodes, mechanical (turning) handling of anchors, rotors, boards, boring of openings of motor-bearing axial traction electric motors , construction of ramparts, repair and assembly of mechanical components of excavators.

4-2 Synhronny generator peremennogo toka s vysokovoltnym elecrtodvigatelem

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  • Address: Kunaev Street 17, 141206 Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan
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